Laura Zajdner Rosenthal, Tel-Aviv.
Currently product designer at
BA in Visual Communication at Shenkar College of Design. 
Ever since I remember myself, i have imagined the world around me differently than others. I saw harmonies in shapes and colors, in light and shadow and in everything around me. I have expressed myself visually, through my clothes, my drawings and my art. 
In whatever I did, that feeling guided me. and it still does today. 
It wasn't long until I found a name for that phenomenon that it says - Design.  
For me, design is rarely an object. Design is an emotion, a feeling – a story that has existed long before anything else did. With it, we stretch the boundaries of creation, creativity, and innovation. 
The only natural course i could take was to explore this phenomenon further, academically and professionally. As well I have found a job - designing for a startup company, helping them to communicate their message visually. Over there, I met a new side of design. I learned that design is integral in shaping ideas to become attractive customer propositions. It is creativity deployed to a specific end.